When you are following a fitness schedule by self it is easy to chicken out, telling yourself you are too tired, that skipping one day won’t hurt you, that a chocolate muffin does contain some nutrients.

With an exercise partner you have that one essential ingredient for every fitness regimen. Someone to pull you and make sure you make it to your chosen schedule.

There is also an added element of competition if your fitness buddy goes to the gym without you and forgoes that chocolate muffin; they’ve scored a point over you. This kind of sporty thrill keeps you motivated and focused. Working out with a friend can also help you celebrate every small or big milestone you cross.

In beginning, there will be speed bumps. One person will typically be lazier than the other; will sometimes refuse to get off the couch. Give it time, though, and you will find your rhythm.

Soon you will realize you’ve been working out / Dieting and feeling better for months without break and with barely a groan. I have felt all of above and feel great that I choose Spirit Fit Six months back and my schedule is right on track.

I was shattered- had meetings with family, friends and counselors, nothing seemed to help. A person very close to my heart suggested to workout that is when I climbed up to the 3rd floor sweating, panting and puffing only to be greeted with a smile and a glass of water by Mr. Ravi.

Life has changed eversince – I love my workouts, have shed few Kilos and inches more than all I feel good. My self- endorphins are released in the body when we exercise. As we age we have to either spend on medicines or exercise classes- who want to swallow the bitter medicines.

At Spirit I appreciate the warmth and clean atmosphere provided. There is a smile on every staff’s face which is also a rare thing to be now a days.The trainers are certified and well informed

Thanks goes to my son Tejas who introduced me to Spirit Fit. He is also a member of Spirit and to Mr. Vageesh, my trainer. What are you waiting for? Go hit the gym – SPIRIT Fit.

The very first time I walked through the glass doors of spirit, I knew that this experience would be more than just ‘Going to the Gym’. And I was right. The atmosphere is brilliant, with a palpable positive vibe in the air. The trainers are genuine, attentive and knowledgeable – something not all fitness programs provide. However intense the workout, they have ensured that i get in and come out with a smile, everyday. The trainers are definitely Spirit’s biggest strength.

The approach to fitness has been wholesome and structured. Schedules are well-laid out and i have been able to track my progress continuously. There is a wide variety of equipment for everyone’s unique needs- from power lifting to weight loss. The major differentiators, though has been the hygiene.

Even in the evenings the air is fresh, the equipment clean and the mats and floors spotless. The ancillary and support staff s are highly vigilant, and work really hard to ensure top level of cleanliness all the time. Kudos to them.

No fake promises, no “loose 5Kgs in 5 days claims”. The result oriented methodology is fantastic, the strategy being simple – push the limit
incrementally in each workout. The reason that it works is because the mind is as engaged in the workout as the body. At spirit, it is not about just lifting weights. it is about tuning your mind and body to your requires goals, making them happen one workout at a time.

More than anything spirit has imbibed belief and focus, lined with a positive attitude towards health. I would recommend this place to everyone who wants to reinvent oneself. Spirit is more than a gym. It’s a way of life.

We came into Banglore after a few years of stay in Pune and the first thought in our mind was – where does one find a reasonably good gym facility in the neighbourhood without having bother to travel in the famous traffic of the city. Do we finally have to choose to walk in the gardens or do we have
to invest in few facilities like Treadmill etc. at home!!!

On 15th August we finally got freedon from our dilemma while driving along. We noticed Spirit and we climbed up all of three floors to get a firsthand look. Looking back – the effort was certainly worth it. The Spirit of Ravi was really infectious. What was very heartening to notice was the warmth,energy and enthusiasm as Ravi showed us the facilities which – by any standards are impressive. I and my wife decided to join in right away.

Over last about two months the experience has been excited. The expert trainers take personal interest in making sure that we carry out the exercise
regime regularly and in proper manner. The cardio facilities are very nice and are getting expanded in bigger area. Various individual stations for
strength training.

Overall the experience is cherishable and no wonder and no wonder the initial results seem encouraging – in terms of our energy levels and overall
fitness. The success of gm is evident from the growing membership on daily basis.

Great place, great team, great job done!!!

All the best Ravi – Keep it up!!